Company Profile

Due to large investments in “Lizin” OJSC a new refrigerator complex - “ChilledFruits” equipped with the latest, contemporary and novel technology has been put into operation. This refrigerator is intended for the preservation (cold storage) of fruit and vegetables. The main advantage of this refrigerator complex is to provide a stable micro-environment, temperature, humidity and sterile environment for fruits and vegetable cold storage, enabling to have high quality products in non-season periods of the year. Particularly humidity and sterile environment is provided by the equipment produced by American "Voritas" and "MiaTech" companies. All other equipment in refrigerator complex are produced by Bitzer and Guntner companies (Germany). “ChilledFruits” has collaborated also with the local companies, such as "Saga" LLC and "Cryosun LLC (Republic of Armenia)".


“ChilledFruits” provides a high level preservation of fruit and vegetable, thus making products to be equivalent to international standards, so that the products remain their natural appearance and the nutritional value. This is also consistent with the agricultural policy of  Government (Republic of Armenia), since the main idea is to ensure proper quality and on time delivery of each kilogram of the food produced by farmers to the consumers.

We would like to take this opportunity to appeal to our farmers, agricultural economies as well as other stakeholders to cooperate and preserve the agricultural production.

“ChilledFruits” implements both harvesting and preservation activities.

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